Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Planning Meya's Pink Princess Party - Time to press the panic button

I hardly blog at this hour, obviously I'm still up trying to do Meya's Party stuff. My darling husband saw me struggling earlier on trying to do up the 'Prince Goodie Bags', and he sort of stick his head to see how he could be of help.

I had some ideas, so I did a mock up and he patiently helped me to cut ribbons, draw a couple of lines, stick double side tape, and gave some comments. All this while, he did not complain at all at the amount of work I'm putting myself through for her party. I think he knows that my intention is just to give my one and only daughter a party she really love.

I have no time to take photos of the bags I have done tonight. Will only do it on actual day :)

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