Sunday, May 27, 2012

Snoopy's Street Fair - Love it and Hate it

I found this game when I was down with chicken pox, it's free to download and I have been playing everyday since I downloaded it. I even introduced it to Ariel, Jo and Viv and now they are also addicted to it, thanks to ME!

The game is relatively simple, buy stalls to earn money and gain XP (experience) to move to next level. You will also be awarded Snoopy Dollars for every new level. I only discovered 3 weeks ago, that every 5 consective playing days, you will be given 5 Snoopy Dollars, but you must be logged on to Facebook or Games Centre. I lost out many Snoopy Dollars earlier because I find it too bothersome to sign up either account.

The character stalls are so darn hard to get, most of which require Snoopy Dollars, which is so bloody fustrating. But Beeline is so f@#king good in creating the graphics that I find it so hard to put my phone down. I charged my mobile several times a day, I spent so much time poking the phone, I end up like those crazy commuters on the mrt. I laughed at those people in the past, and now I morphed into one! The mini games within the game are rather challenging, one of my art director who attempted my game, couldnt even get the colour mix full points. Tsk Tsk

My addiction has gone beyond another level, I bought Snoopy Dollars with REAL MONEY today. Yap I spent US$4.99 this afternoon, after many days of comtemplating whether to spent the money, I finally caved it.

I LOVE the game to bits, the characters and stalls are so cute and I HATE u beeline for making us spent money on stuff that doesnt exist in RL. ARGH!!!!!

Watsons - I dont think I can live without u

Why Watsons? I visit them almost every week sometimes even a few times a week, even more often I do more grocery shopping. So don't you think they deserve some compliments from me?

Watsons is no longer the typical store where you get your usual toiletries and household stuff. They are now carrying many brands of cosmetics from Japan, Korea and US.
My favourite store is the one at Ngee Ann City, it's really huge and they have the widest range of imported cosmetics.

Every time after reading product reviews online, I definitely go Watsons to check out the product

Some of my favourite products (there are too many to list)
1. Cotton Pads
2. Haba Lobo Eye Makeup Remover - one of my HG products
3. Garnier Perfect Fit & Relax Whitening Mask - one of my HG products

4. Eco Tools Make up Brushes - I have the Blush Brush, Retractable Kabuki Brush, Concealer Brush, Eyeliner Brush, Eyeshadow Brush, my HG brushes, does not drop hairs, or run colour when washing
5. Silky Girl Loose Powder - most affordable loose product that works on me!
6. Loreal Infallible Eyeshadow in Black - my latest discovery and it works on me as eyeliner :)
7. Fairy Drops Mascara - no longer available

If I take photos of all the stuff I buy from Watsons, I probably need to use a wide angled lens and many more photos to squeeze them all in. The above are just some of my favourite stuff.

Thank you Watsons and please continue bringing in MORE imported drugstore cosmetics brands :)

(This is NOT a sponsored post, its based purely on my own opinion)

Mother's Day Gifts

This is a very late Mother's Day entry, but its better late than never. 2 months ago, I made some gifts for some very special friends.

Purple Chiffon Brooch for Ariel, Cream Chiffon Brooch for Jo

Black Chiffon Brooch for Lee, Red Felt Brooch for Mei

One last pressie for Mandy (this is obviously not a mother's day gift)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Meya's creative trails of boredom

We bought clams and button mushrooms so I thought I can do some cooking yest (its been a long while). I made clams with white wine sauce (HB poured so much wine that it ended up bitter), thank god my button mushrooms turned out great, I din lose that touch after all. Anyway, this is not a cooking post.

While the 3 of us are busy whipping up a storm in the kitchen, Meya was outside entertaining herself. By the time we finished, I discovered she has made a very long trail of her stuff from our bedroom thru the gaming
area thru the living room and around the dining table. I asked her what she was doing, she replied me happily,"Mama, this is my trail". What can I say? After dinner, I had to asked her permission to pack up her trail. She reluctantly said yes, cause she really spent a lot of time and effort to built it. I had to take photos to remember this creative moment.