Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Planning Meya's Pink Princess Party - Time to press the panic button

I hardly blog at this hour, obviously I'm still up trying to do Meya's Party stuff. My darling husband saw me struggling earlier on trying to do up the 'Prince Goodie Bags', and he sort of stick his head to see how he could be of help.

I had some ideas, so I did a mock up and he patiently helped me to cut ribbons, draw a couple of lines, stick double side tape, and gave some comments. All this while, he did not complain at all at the amount of work I'm putting myself through for her party. I think he knows that my intention is just to give my one and only daughter a party she really love.

I have no time to take photos of the bags I have done tonight. Will only do it on actual day :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Handmade Felt Flower Cluster Brooch SGD$25

Dark Brown & Grey on chiffon ribbon - SOLD OUT

Dark Brown & Cream on chiffon ribbon

Black & Cream on grosgrain ribbon

Some time back, I made an order for a friend for the Korean inspired brooch, the black felt was rubbing onto the cream felt, causing the cream felt to look rather dirty. I had to keep cleaning the cream felt with scotch tape, a rather annoying process. I thought about it for a while, and decided to make some improvements to the design. I made mini flower instead, so even if the black felt fibres rub onto the cream felt, its less significant cause the flower is sooooo much smaller! Yay, problem solved. In the end, I made 2 more in different colours. And the best part, its my own design :)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Planning Meya's Pink Princess Party - Running out of Time (More Ideas)

I only left 2 more weeks to actual day, and I have so many more thing I have yet to decide, craft or whatsoever.
We ordered her cake today from a neighbourhood bakery, strawberry flavoured, pastel pink with strawberry and chocolate leaves. Hopefully, it turns out decent, first time I ordered a birthday cake from a "non branded" confectionery. I couldn't bring myself to order those 3D marzipan cakes
, high in sugar content and most of them leave a weird after taste.

My dear husband has no idea what this is turning into, he will probably freak out when he sees my blog, but thank goodness he doesn't even remember the name! I need to work faster next week :)

Additional Items
Favors for Guests + Packaging

Cake Stand

Outstanding Items

The Food Menu !!!
Birthday Banner

Pom Pom
Boxes to prop up food (yet to wrap them)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Planning Meya's Pink Princess Party - WIP 3

Finally completed the skirt yesterday afternoon, thanks to Ariel for helping me to grab the tulle. I dun think I ever want to create another tulle skirt again, actually the process of making it is really SIMPLE. But cutting up the tulle was my biggest nightmare, I can never get it straight!!! I tried cutting with pen knife, super sharp scissors, I even got my dear husband to hold the other end of the tulle, I simply cant get it straight, super frustrating, especially when I want the skirt to be perfect.

Anyway, Meya was thrilled to bits after I have done it, I didn't want to show her but I needed to see how the skirt looks on her (in case it looks awful, I better go buy one instead)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Planning Meya's Pink Princess Party - WIP 2

I found the goodie bag to hold the items, its a pink polka dot suitcase from wood would. I'm so proud of it, actually I bought it last year for christmas for Dee, but its was brown and turqoise, but when I saw this that day, I thought I better buy it or I wont be able to sleep that night. Yap its not cheap for a goodie bag, but what the heck I only need to keep 2 little girls

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Planning Meya's Pink Princess Party - WIP 1

Its been some time since I did a post, seriously I always wonder where my time goes to these days. Ever since my domestic helper been gone for a week, life has not been the same. I started eating meya's leftover meals on disposable plates and cutlery. I know one day I will burnt up her strawberry shortcake book, I read to her at least thrice a day the same book!

I only get some of my sanity when I start planning her party.

Facebook Invite

Goodie Bag Items

Tutu skirts

Pink Candies - all from Meiji

I still need something to hold these items together, need to continue sourcing maybe a basket?. I only thought of candies for the boys at the moment, a bit hard to crack what to include for them.

Cutlery & Decor

I bought fushia pink napkins from a party store with ivory cutlery and plates, white cutlery will be too cheap to match. Plus, I don't think I should t
orture my guests to eat out of pink plates. Meya helped to stick the stickers for the napkins, she said its her part :) I made mini pink poms to hand around the house, I even bought tulle to create a sort of canopy for the entrance. But I haven't figure out the construction yet.