Saturday, August 7, 2010

Planning Meya's Pink Princess Party - WIP 1

Its been some time since I did a post, seriously I always wonder where my time goes to these days. Ever since my domestic helper been gone for a week, life has not been the same. I started eating meya's leftover meals on disposable plates and cutlery. I know one day I will burnt up her strawberry shortcake book, I read to her at least thrice a day the same book!

I only get some of my sanity when I start planning her party.

Facebook Invite

Goodie Bag Items

Tutu skirts

Pink Candies - all from Meiji

I still need something to hold these items together, need to continue sourcing maybe a basket?. I only thought of candies for the boys at the moment, a bit hard to crack what to include for them.

Cutlery & Decor

I bought fushia pink napkins from a party store with ivory cutlery and plates, white cutlery will be too cheap to match. Plus, I don't think I should t
orture my guests to eat out of pink plates. Meya helped to stick the stickers for the napkins, she said its her part :) I made mini pink poms to hand around the house, I even bought tulle to create a sort of canopy for the entrance. But I haven't figure out the construction yet.

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