Thursday, April 12, 2012

Inspiration Board - Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2012

These ads are from Louis Vuitton Spring Summer Campaign for 2012 that was launched last year. I know its extremely unfashionly to write about it after such a long time. But I'm fine with being uncool, I made some felt flowers with the same colour palette too.

Simply adore the pinks and blue hues s
o happy :)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

I got chicken pox!!!

I had a terrible headache on Sunday night, took 2 Panadol and rested on the sofa. After dinner, I went to the washroom and discovered I had 2 weird looking red dots on my chest, I ran out and showed to HB, he said those are chicken pox. I started crying, my stuff was immediately moved out of my room to Meya's room. I had to be quarantined.

Day 1
Discovered 4 more of those spots, went to doctor and asked for any last minute remedy, I even asked for a vaccination. Doctor said its too late for it and he has an expensive medicine, Acyclovir which can help to prevent more growth of the pox. Of course I jumped at it, anything that can save me from the dreadful disease. The lady at the dispensary told me to drink checknut water to bring all the spots out, I was like huh why would I want those spots to come out. Later, HB called Meya's PD and asked whether she can still do her jab, but her PD said its too late she's probably infected by me already.
The fever keeps attacking me and my body is aching like crazy. My mum told me to drink chestnut water too, she said its good to let all the spots get out so that in future you wont get any more of those spots. I pretended I took her advice, no way am I going to drive those nasty spots out, for what?!?!I had no appetite and I missed Meya like crazy, being isolated in the room is really like living in a cell. Another crying session before bedtime.

Day 2
Woke up with a temperature of 38.9, my left face is swollen, I look like I got infected with acne than chicken pox. My body has lots more spots than before, the lymph node on my neck has swollen up causing pain whenever I turned my neck. My throat is hurting as well, and my appetite hasnt come back. I cut away my beautiful manicured nails, cause I'm not taking any chances about scratching myself. I took lots of water and apple juice, must stay dehydrated at all times. Oh and Vaseline became my good friend for my super dry lips, also caused by the damn disease. I'm ANGRY that such a disease can ever exist in our world. And I'm ANGRY with myself for not taking the chicken pox vaccination earlier.

Day 3
My scalp is starting to hurt and my face is still swollen and it's painful if I accidentally brushed too hard on my face. The ones on my eye brow are the most F@#king painful! No fever today, its a good sign, I feel better plus my body doesn't hurt that much. I decided not to dwell in misery, so I tuned in and watched 6 episodes of Taiwanese dramas, they kept me so occupied I almost forgot about the itchiness. Just before bedtime, I gently scratched around the spot and then another spot started calling me and the third and the forth. Mustn't start the scratching game with them once you start you cant stop.
Meya told Eva she doesn't want to get chicken pox, if not she will not have her princess face anymore.I missed her hugs and kisses :(

Day 4
My face is not so painful anymore! But I still look like I got infected with a serious case of acne, my scalp is still painful but I can endured it for the time being. Some of the red spots on my face have already turned into pus like spots and they look similar to acne. But mind you during this period these are all chicken pox not acne. I have not mentioned about bathing during this period, well bathing is extremely challenging, I feel like I'm a field agent. My face is like a mine field, I had to wash it so gently or the bloody red spots will hurt you like hell, plus today I had those pus spots. I had to be EXTRA EXTRA careful not to burst them, isnt that similar to walking on a land mine? Washing hair is another skill you need to master, you got to use your finger pads to gently and slowly scrub your scalp and not your nails. Just imagine being a bomb detonator, any big movements if I accidentally touched those bastards, its pain down my spine. Exaggerating!? Of course not, adult chicken pox is not like what you get when you are younger. They are really painful and you take a longer time to heal, cause your skin don't rejuvenate so easily. After every bath, it always feel so nice, cause it relieves the itchiness, but here's the exciting part drying yourself and wearing back the clothes. I had to change into Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible, dangling on the thin wire but precise. You have to dab on your body at specific areas, cannot even dab on the spots. And I didn't even bother drying my back, its too difficult and I really don't want to break any bubble.

Day 5 - Easter Day
Last night was one of the best sleep this week, I did not get up because of the fever or the itchiness, I actually managed to sleep through soundly :) Slightly happier today. Its a public holiday, Meya and HM went to Grandma's and Eva had to go to church. I'm all alone with my 4 walls, its not that bad really. At least I don't have to wear my mouth mask, I can roam around the house (kitchen only) without worrying about bumping into Meya. Accidentally bursted 2 blisters while stoning, luckily they will on my body and not my face.

Day 6
My face is looking less swollen and the red bumps on my face are starting to subside. I'm getting really bored cooped up in my cell, and I missed my Meya so badly. Every day she stands outside her room door to talk to me, and she will pretend to snuggle me. She keeps whining when she can come close to me. Today is also the last day of medication, I'm pretty certain
Acyclovir really helped to subtain the chicken pox, because I did not look close to those horrifying photos on Google. Thank you whoever you are for inventing Acyclovir, if its not for you I'll probably end up with a moon face :)

Day 7
Its almost a week since I had the dreadful virus, my face has no more bumps at all, and the red spots are looking smaller. The pus spots are starting to crust over, they are still yikey to look at. The spots on my hand and legs are growing smaller too, in fact not all of them are starting to crust, some of them are just growing smaller in size! Yay! At least, I don't have to wear long sleeves and pants to cover them up.

I'm going back to my beauty routine tomorrow, I wont be continue writing about my pathetic chicken pox diary anymore. I want to start planning 'happy things to do' during the last week of my leave before I head back to work.