Monday, September 10, 2012

Decorate the gift wrapper without using ribbons

Baby Jonah is celebrating his 2nd birthday this Saturday, and I just want to quickly wrapped his present and get it off my checklist. Meya insist we do abit of art and craft on the box, I wanted to just laze around and wait for dinner time. But we ended up doing a mini project, It took us slightly an hour. I did not have any inspiration and we tried to find stuff around the house we can use. The felt flowers was cut long ago, was just lying around in my felt box.

Well, it not too bad for something that's not planned :)

King & King's Wong Haul

I received a call from King & King's Wong that I have a $106 voucher I can redeem since its my birthday month, no minimum purchase just need to make sure I take stuff more than the voucher value.

I went down with Eva and Meya and I came back with a cake stand, large serving plate and 4 sets of incense diffuser. I only need to top up $29, of course I'm happy :)

This is not a sponsored post, purely my own opinion.