Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cat Socrates

HB wanted to get some weights over at Bras Basah Complex, I was kinda reluctant to go but I was in for a surprise cause I discovered a very cute whimsical shop called Cat Socrates on level 3. It was paradise for me, I instantly picked up an iphone cover of Eiffle Tower upon walking into the shop. Love at 1st sight :)

They sell all sorts of shabby chic and zakka mix of nic nacs, my kind of shop. One corner, they dedicate it to lomo cameras, with camera bags, books and rows of postcards. The stationery corner is just as amazing with the array of notebooks, luggage tags, stickers etc etc. I can go on and on, but if you are into etsy kind of stuff, just go on down, it wont be a wasted trip. Its a perfect place to pick up gifts for Christmas, and if you are buying me a pressie, you can go there too :)

Obviously, I cant walk out empty handed, heh heh heh. I bought 2 picture frames, 1 iphone cover and 2 porcelain birds.

(This is not a sponsored post, purely based on my 2 cents worth)

Sunday, July 15, 2012

What to do when you ran out of ribbons

We are going to a little boy's birthday party this afternoon, after wrapping up the pressie, both Meya and me wanted to use blur ribbons. Unfortunately, I have none left in my crafts cabinet. We had to improvise, we took out some paper and sticker and ta dah, photo below.
Have a great week ahead :)