Saturday, March 31, 2012

Makeup Table Makeover


When I first shifted in I wanted to wallpaper the makeup area, but there was a million and one things to do, so I just simply pile my boxes, hang a few frames of Peter Rabbit (actually I just stuck it with blue tac).

I started cutting out the wallpaper, measuring and sticking. Didn't realised sticking wallpaper alone is such a tedious job, the last time we did Meya's cupboard it was a breeze. I had to call for help halfway thru the sticking, its a man's job and I shouldn't deprived HB his privileges.

I needed tons of storage space for my makeup, you wont be able to see from the pictures above. I stashed makeup in the bathroom, under the sink, in boxes, bags etc. Well, I had makeup everywhere, I just dun have a space to store them together. I wrapped up the boxes with the remnants of the Laura Ashley wallpaper. At first, I just wrapped the top of the box, later I decided that the drawers should not be spared too!

Plastic Drawer Boxes $9.90 Japan Home, Bedok Point
Gold Ornate Mirror $25 Ebay
French Boxes set of 2 $49 Manhatten Collection, Pek Chuan Building
Silver Mirror Tray Set $99 Iwannagohome, Great World City
(comes with shower gel bottle, toothbrush holder, mini mirrrt tray and cotton wool container) $99 Iwannagohome, Great World City
Wooden Mirror $XX Ikea (got this more than 20 years ago)

Plastic Drawer Boxes


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

BFF Wedding Wrist Corsage

My BFF just got married last month and because the guys decided to have a last minute colour theme, she got us red wrist corsages to match them. I was in the middle of a huge campaign, I couldnt find anytime to help her out. And because it was decided only 3 days before the wedding. There is no way I can spin a miracle with my crazy work hours.

The wrist corsage she got from her florist is so bad that I was a little shocked when I saw it on actual day. Nevertheless, I still wore it for the day, its rude to make a fuss at people's wedding and I know my manners. The silk flower was badly sewn on, no attempt to cover the ugly stiches. The red chiffon ribbon is another real nightmare! There is no way I will sell stuff like this at floral recipes. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

In the mood for ... Purple

I got bitten by the purple bug when I was in Bangkok earlier this month, I started looking at purple shoes, clothes, accessories in fact as long as its purple I will stopped to take a look. I'm not interested in lilac or the lighter shades, what I fell in love was rich royal purple.

Then after I came back, I realised I had quite a fair bit of purple stuff in the house when I first started decorating. So maybe my purple craze started way before, but I only realised it now. I purchased more purple items recently, actually only last week.

Rug from Ikea

Silk Hydrangeas from King & King Wong

Storage box from Daiso

New slipper for office

New cushions from King & King Wong

New Curtains from Ikea

I saw purple storage boxes at Ikea and I wanted to get those for my wardrobe. But I held back on second thoughts, the ones I have are barely half a year old and still in fab condition. If I get those, I'm sure I will get a mouthful from the HB.

I'm now looking for a knee length pencil skirt hee hee... that he wont bother.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

French Manicure done at home

I'm been so busy with work that I have run out of my battery, need to recharge very badly so now, I'm taking a 2 months break WOO HOO!!!

I'm actually a hardcore beauty junkie, I loved to read beauty reviews on blogs, youtube and afterwhich you will see me running into shops looking for those recommended items. I should have started a beauty blog long ago, but then no one would be interested to read a beauty blog written by (ahem) a matured person. Anyway, I thought of doing this entry because doing french manicure is also considered crafty! Not everyone can draw with a steady hand. I've been attempting drawing a smooth line for my upper eye for years, it still look like crap to me.

I've been wanting to buy those french manicure pens for the looooongest time, but because I'm so lazy and rather give the money to the professionals, I never get round to it till yesterday. Armed with all the time in the world, I bought the
essence french manicure and pedicure pen. It only cost about $3.95 from Watsons, I also bought SilkGirl High Gloss Finish and Nail Filer from Forever 21. At first I was using the Sally Hansen Diamond Shine Base & Top Coat, I bought even before reading online reviews. Mostly, everyone says its crappy cause it causes bubbles and ruin the nail job. Well, it is TRUE!!! I even allow the top coat to dry before doing a second coat, after which my nail started bubbling, which is super annoying! So I went out again and bought the SilkGirl High Gloss Finish, much cheaper than the Sally Hansen, and it works for me.

Enough bitching, photos below

Less than $15



The essence pen is rather easy to use, and you always touch up till you are happy with it. However, if you are impatient and rushing for time, I would suggest you give this a miss. I spent a solid hour drawing and redrawing till I get the perfect curves. But it certainly saves money once you get the hang of it. Have fun :)