Saturday, March 31, 2012

Makeup Table Makeover


When I first shifted in I wanted to wallpaper the makeup area, but there was a million and one things to do, so I just simply pile my boxes, hang a few frames of Peter Rabbit (actually I just stuck it with blue tac).

I started cutting out the wallpaper, measuring and sticking. Didn't realised sticking wallpaper alone is such a tedious job, the last time we did Meya's cupboard it was a breeze. I had to call for help halfway thru the sticking, its a man's job and I shouldn't deprived HB his privileges.

I needed tons of storage space for my makeup, you wont be able to see from the pictures above. I stashed makeup in the bathroom, under the sink, in boxes, bags etc. Well, I had makeup everywhere, I just dun have a space to store them together. I wrapped up the boxes with the remnants of the Laura Ashley wallpaper. At first, I just wrapped the top of the box, later I decided that the drawers should not be spared too!

Plastic Drawer Boxes $9.90 Japan Home, Bedok Point
Gold Ornate Mirror $25 Ebay
French Boxes set of 2 $49 Manhatten Collection, Pek Chuan Building
Silver Mirror Tray Set $99 Iwannagohome, Great World City
(comes with shower gel bottle, toothbrush holder, mini mirrrt tray and cotton wool container) $99 Iwannagohome, Great World City
Wooden Mirror $XX Ikea (got this more than 20 years ago)

Plastic Drawer Boxes


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