Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Inspiration Board - Shabby Chic

I have not even sold my house, no harm starting to plan what I want to do with the new place. I created a mini mood board to show what I love - shabby chic, I will probably inject some of it into the new place. I love the vintage part of it, but I wont be having too many pieces around. Vintage to my husband means dead people's stuff, so I must abit sensitive towards his feelings.

I brought Meya out shopping today and most of the malls are having post Christmas sale. I bought the Brabantia dustbins for my new home! So happy!

Bedroom Ideas
* Dark purple walls (see picture below)* Chandelier (I will do a separate entry on that later) * Quilted headrest for the bed (havent decided on white , grey or brown)* Dark brown parquet flooring (In fact the whole house except kitchen) * Bedroom doors with have the classic look with gold curvy or maybe glass door knobs * Dressing Table - to have or not to have?

Meya's Pink Bedroom
She told me her bedroom must be pink, the condition is she must sleep alone without me.
* Painted sky ceiling (I hoping daddy will do it for his granddaughter) * Pink walls (not too pink or it wont match the ceiling) * white bed with pink bed sheets (obviously) * pink wall paper (I will probably do up one wall like the picture below)

* Raw floor (see 1st picture below)
* White cabinets with dark brown counter top * Kitchen cabinets with vintage knobs and vintage look alike doors.

Living Room

* Definitely gonna get a french chair for the living room :)

Glass Door Knobs
I must get these for the bedroom doors, whether Its crystal or glass, I want to get those with the brass or gold plates behind, so vintage!

Bathroom Ideas


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas - Love it & Hate it

, I love Christmas, I love the shop decor, the music, the food (especially the roast beef), the ornaments, the tree, and even the soapy Christmas movies. But I simply hate the hassle of wrapping the presents and stressing my brain cells for gift ideas. And I absolutely hate giving gifts whose fate would end up in some dusty storeroom or worse re-gifted!!! It feels so warm when my recipients used the gifts I gave them, its like receiving a pat on my pack.
Every year, I keep telling myself, its ok, just chill and relax. If the person doesn't like it, so be it, it's really not the end of the world, and seriously must I make so much effort even thinking of the gift wrapping too! I really must let go of the details. Will I succeed this year :(

Today I started sorting the gifts that I have been 'accumulating' for the past months, I cant remember which month I started my Xmas shopping but I'm not known for my super efficiency character for nothing. I decided not to do any theme wrapping this year, just used up the current wrappers and ribbons I had. Since I will be moving house in a few months time, I didn't want to have too many craft supplies lying around. Only managed to wrapped 5 presents in one morning, too lazy to continue.

I found a fabulous website for free Christmas tags download, the resolution
is good and the tags turned out great.


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Audrey Hepburn's Necklace

I needed a necklace for Audrey's role in Breakfast at Tiffany's, and I 'm getting a bit desparate cause I cant seem to be able to find it in any of the shops. I had a window of 3 hrs before going to Mandy's party. I managed to put together a necklace with some parts and an old vintage brooch. Very pleased with the end result, looks like a Cartier doesn't it?

I even squeezed in some time to wrap Mandy's gift, I finally used my Suzy's tags, so cute!!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Kanzashi Flowers

We are having a movie theme night for the office year end party, and Nat wanted to be a geisha,
I was curious what sort of hair accessories they wear, so I did a bit of googling and I found Kanzashi Flowers. They are absolutely gorgeous and I cant wait to start making. I spent more than 5 hrs experimenting this afternoon and I'm not satisfied with my hair pin. Need to be more patient and meticulous like the Japanese in order to make the perfect Kanzashi flower, I failed miserably :(

My Tsumami Kanzashi Creation
I used pink floral fabric to create the flower petals and finished it with a pearl button. Instead of using the same fabric to create the 'flowy' petals, I used ivory organza and complete it with a dangling pearl. I wanted to do one more strand of petals, but the thought of cutting and folding 10 more petals, I decided to just leave it as it is.

More than 7 hrs on this, definitely
not something I want to sell.

I changed my mind after seeing my photos, added one more strand, makes a lot of difference. Slightly better :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Just chill

Been going thru some crazy times in my life now, so I need to take a break to smell the flowers, do nothing, and just be by myself. Taking a break from crafty dots for a while.

Will be back before xmas :)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Alice's Dress

Yesterday, I received a request from a friend to help her think of a dress for her daughter's alice in wonderland party. I've always been a fan of alice, so I'm really excited on this little project. I'm already thinking of making a blue tulle skirt for the little baby, and I need to figure out the apron construction. I dun have a sewing machine, so this is not going to be easy.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Meya's Pink Princess Party

Its really tough getting up at 8 am in the morning, when you sleep at 3 am the night before. Its indeed a big struggle, told myself after today's lunch, I can finally have a good night rest. My photographer is late, and the food is moving fast. I managed to take some, but I really hate to post my ugly photos, but this is really all I could shift out from the lot.

I placed a canopy (Ikea) for the food table, I even pasted pink felt to cover the coloured flags. Most of the food are propped up on boxes, I'm very happy I finally get to create a food table, being wanting to do it for a loooong time, for my past events, I never get any request to design a buffet table.

I had a lot of trouble with the tissue pom pom, they just dun stick to my ceiling. I was really getting fustrated, cause the pom poms are supposed to be the main decor, in the end, only a few could stay throughout the party. But thank goodness none drop during the party. Whew!