Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Inspiration Board - Shabby Chic

I have not even sold my house, no harm starting to plan what I want to do with the new place. I created a mini mood board to show what I love - shabby chic, I will probably inject some of it into the new place. I love the vintage part of it, but I wont be having too many pieces around. Vintage to my husband means dead people's stuff, so I must abit sensitive towards his feelings.

I brought Meya out shopping today and most of the malls are having post Christmas sale. I bought the Brabantia dustbins for my new home! So happy!

Bedroom Ideas
* Dark purple walls (see picture below)* Chandelier (I will do a separate entry on that later) * Quilted headrest for the bed (havent decided on white , grey or brown)* Dark brown parquet flooring (In fact the whole house except kitchen) * Bedroom doors with have the classic look with gold curvy or maybe glass door knobs * Dressing Table - to have or not to have?

Meya's Pink Bedroom
She told me her bedroom must be pink, the condition is she must sleep alone without me.
* Painted sky ceiling (I hoping daddy will do it for his granddaughter) * Pink walls (not too pink or it wont match the ceiling) * white bed with pink bed sheets (obviously) * pink wall paper (I will probably do up one wall like the picture below)

* Raw floor (see 1st picture below)
* White cabinets with dark brown counter top * Kitchen cabinets with vintage knobs and vintage look alike doors.

Living Room

* Definitely gonna get a french chair for the living room :)

Glass Door Knobs
I must get these for the bedroom doors, whether Its crystal or glass, I want to get those with the brass or gold plates behind, so vintage!

Bathroom Ideas


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