Sunday, January 8, 2012

Show & Tell - Master Bedroom Toilet

My toilet in the master bedroom is finally looking abit more put together. Actually I'm glad the beveled mirror I originally wanted didnt materialised in the end. Should I thank Mr X for the boo boo he made. We went to Chinatown and customised our own mirror, I loved it, it's classic and it look matches the English tap :)

Monday, January 2, 2012

Black & White Dinner Party

I invited my colleagues over for dinner, mainly to eat Eva's Salted Duck Soup, which is ze best thing in the world. Well just 2 days before the event, I decided that while work is already busy enough, I could attempt to push my stress to its limits. I wanted a theme, yap but simple enough to execute in 2 days. I rushed out immediately after deciding that night to grab a black linen table cloth, black paper plates (for the kiddies) and black serviettes. I wanted to buy a top hat and some moustache, but I couldnt find them anywhere :(

Eva didnt want to wash any more crockery for this dinner, I had to use disposables (yucky but no choice), I had to figure out how to dress up the disposables and glam them up.

Day 2 - I made paper napkin rings (tribute to to the Duck), printed out printed baroque placemats and even dragged out my old black bamboo mats. I even manage to print and cut out paper moustache which turned out so great fun, am glad I had something silly for photos.

Not too bad with 2 days effort :) Pat Pat

My cutest guest wearing paper moustache