Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Eve Dinner Party

We invited over another group of old friends over on Christmas Eve, its home warming cum Christmas party rolled into one.

I decided to do a formal setting. I dug out my maroon table runner (I had it since floral recipes days), and I'm
so pleased that its long enough for the dining table. And I get to use the crystal glasses mother gave me, now let the pictures do its talking.

Merry Xmas Everyone

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Tea Party

This entry is rather late, I had my tea party a few weeks ago. I should taken more pictures but I was rather lazy that day, wanted to just chill out with my friends. I made popcorn cones out of lace doily and had them standing in white wire baskets. I printed out some sheets of baroque print and joined them up to make into a long table runner. I did all these on the eve of the party till 2am, cause I had no idea on the decorations. I guess when time is running out, the ideas just keep coming.

Oh yes, the beautiful blue teapot cake belongs to Jo and Shu, we did a surprise party for the both of them :)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Chesterfield Sofa

I thought I will be smarter when it comes to home decorating for the second home, but I was so WRONG!!!. I made so many boo boos and with limited funds, I could only grumbled at myself silently.

Of course, my darling HB knows about it eventually, I have somehow or other 'mentioned' that I want to sell our sofa. He dared me to sell our sofa and buy my dream chesterfield. I know no one will pay so much money to buy online, and I didnt really want to sell it at a big loss.

We went Courts to ju
st 'take a walk' this afternoon, and I saw it. Dark purple velvet with brown sexy legs, no ugly studs. Just simple and very comfortable. my dear Chesterfield, please wait for me, if money falls down from the sky, I will definitely come and get you :)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Show & Tell - Our New House

My coffee table finally arrived and we went down yesterday to collect from Egg3.My cream butterfly sideboard arrived in the same afternoon, I got happy busy arranging stuff around. Finally a cupboard to put all our slippers!!! You must be thinking why buy a cabinet to put only slippers, what about shoes?
Well, we do have a shoe cabinet but we built it into the storeroom, BIG MISTAKE!!! I didn't want to put the shoe cabinet in the hall, cause I wouldn't know how the shoe cabinet can sit with the rest of the house. So me being really dumb dumb told the contractor to built the shoe cabinet into the storeroom using up the precious storeroom space. I did not confess my mistake to my HB, but I pretty sure he knows it deep inside :(

Butterfly Book Boxes - Egg3
Apothecary Jar - Egg 3

Hydrangea Silk Flowers - King & King Wong
Blue Flowers Bowl - Lim's Arts

Living Room

Bird & Flower Paintings - King & King Wong
Couch - OM
Olive Green French Chair- Manhatten Living
French Brown Drawer (TV Console) - Ubi Warehouse
Coffee Table - Egg 3
Dining Chairs - King & King Wong


Table Lamp - Takashimaya

Sunday, October 2, 2011

What to do with old photo frames

I wanted to hang the ikea black frames on the wall opposite the gaming area, next to my oddjects clock. Unfortunately, they stick out like a sore thumb, dun noe whether its the frame design or the subjects in the frames (which is us!). Anyway, I decided the ikea frames are really crap, so I ordered a whole bunch of frames from etsy, see below. Nice right?

I decided not to throw away the ikea frames, and I spent an afternoon goggling for free prints. This is how it turn out. I put it on Eva's sideboard and the frame managed to cover the wire of the lamp, so pleased that it has a dual purpose. Good Night.

Monday, September 19, 2011

I want a vintage english bathroom

My original plan to have a vintage bathroom was obviously foiled by Mr X. He gave me a beveled mirror with only 2.5 cm at the sides!!! He didnt even tell me that, and never even refer from the photo reference I showed him 2 months ago. Plus, he doesnt even bother to clarify or asked questions, he just assumed he "knows' what I want. I told him it was wrong when they installed the mirror for the first time, the mirror came with beveled sides. I told him the mirror design is completely wrong, he has to follow my reference and obviously it went past his ears to twilight zone. Anyway, I'm totally upset with the mirror, I dont even want to take a photo of it.
Upset Factor: Infinity

This is the reference I printed out and given him, cant even follow, totally useless :(

I need some ideas as how to fix the bathroom, I know I need some accessories but I'm totally out of brain juice at the moment. I kept these images for a while, maybe posting them will inspire me more.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cupcake Toppers

Its been a while, since I created anything, I got inspired by cake toppers this afternoon when I was just doing some mindless surfing. I thought of doing some for Jolene's princess party, I wasnt happy with the first one I did, so after dinner I tried again using cloth. The result is much better :)

Handmade Felt Flower Cluster Brooch SGD$25

I got tired of packing, decided to take some pictures with Mr Bean's teddy. I made these 2 brooches few months back, but has yet to take some decent shots with them. Available 1 each.

Red & orange
with green grosgrain ribbon

Light blue & blue with green grosgrain ribbon

Monday, September 12, 2011

Started Unpacking

Last week was really a crazy week, facing workers everyday plus putting up Mr X's constant bullsh%#, enough to drain all energy.

Dining Area

From left : Vintage clock for kitchen. Vintage glass containers - my latest aquisition from Cash Converters!!!

Guest Bathroom Sink - I'm always 'amused' by the size of this sink, my salad bowl is even bigger! According to Mr X, because of the cabinet I insist on having it, this is the best sink he can give me.
Upset Factor : 5/10

Meya looking happy in the new house :)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

We have finally moved in!!!

Happy Birthday to me!!! This is a late entry, but I only have internet access only on last saturday, and I only just feel like doing something else besides cleaning and unpacking.

We moved in o
n 29th Aug and we discovered the house was only 70% done! Workers are in every corner of the house, sawing, fixing etc etc. And it doesnt help when Mr X was whining non-stop about needing more time, I obviously ignored him. I didnt even bother taking more photos, cause the progress is just too insignificant. Plus I only discovered the heater was not working in the middle of the night! @#%ing hell!

My walk-in wardrobe is finally ready! I just threw everything onto the shelves, will arrange it one fine day.

Mr X charged me $250 to do a crappy cloud ceiling. At first he got me a Chinese guy who says," xiao jie, wo jin liang mei you zhuo guo" (Miss, I try my best, I have never done it before). When I heard that, my eyeballs just traveled to New York visited Nat & Glenn and came back! I gave that guy a chance and guess what? He didnt even pencil the clouds before painting, he used a roller to shape the clouds!!!!!!!!!!!
At that point, I almost wanted to take the chair and hit Mr X, but that fella left after giving his instructions. Enough of bitching or else I will filled up one whole page just on the clouds ceiling.
Upset Factor : 10/10

I added butterflies, so proud of myself for being so clever. Pat Pat!

Meya's toy cabinet. I have 'glamourfied' Ikea cabinet with porcelain door knobs, and Laura Ashely wallpaper

My olive green arm chair just came out of its plastic this evening.
Will post more photos in the next few days. Good night.