Sunday, October 23, 2011

Chesterfield Sofa

I thought I will be smarter when it comes to home decorating for the second home, but I was so WRONG!!!. I made so many boo boos and with limited funds, I could only grumbled at myself silently.

Of course, my darling HB knows about it eventually, I have somehow or other 'mentioned' that I want to sell our sofa. He dared me to sell our sofa and buy my dream chesterfield. I know no one will pay so much money to buy online, and I didnt really want to sell it at a big loss.

We went Courts to ju
st 'take a walk' this afternoon, and I saw it. Dark purple velvet with brown sexy legs, no ugly studs. Just simple and very comfortable. my dear Chesterfield, please wait for me, if money falls down from the sky, I will definitely come and get you :)

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