Sunday, October 9, 2011

Show & Tell - Our New House

My coffee table finally arrived and we went down yesterday to collect from Egg3.My cream butterfly sideboard arrived in the same afternoon, I got happy busy arranging stuff around. Finally a cupboard to put all our slippers!!! You must be thinking why buy a cabinet to put only slippers, what about shoes?
Well, we do have a shoe cabinet but we built it into the storeroom, BIG MISTAKE!!! I didn't want to put the shoe cabinet in the hall, cause I wouldn't know how the shoe cabinet can sit with the rest of the house. So me being really dumb dumb told the contractor to built the shoe cabinet into the storeroom using up the precious storeroom space. I did not confess my mistake to my HB, but I pretty sure he knows it deep inside :(

Butterfly Book Boxes - Egg3
Apothecary Jar - Egg 3

Hydrangea Silk Flowers - King & King Wong
Blue Flowers Bowl - Lim's Arts

Living Room

Bird & Flower Paintings - King & King Wong
Couch - OM
Olive Green French Chair- Manhatten Living
French Brown Drawer (TV Console) - Ubi Warehouse
Coffee Table - Egg 3
Dining Chairs - King & King Wong


Table Lamp - Takashimaya

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  1. love your new house!!! it's great to see it all put together. well done! *pat pat on your back. must open champagne for your patience putting up with mr X's bull#$&@%

    kiss kiss