Saturday, July 24, 2010

Planning Meya's Pink Princess Party - Inspiration Board

We are planning to do it at home this year, something cosy just for the 2 families. I really want to do up her party this year, cause Meya's been sick for a long while, and I just want her to be happy :)

Its definitely pink and must be a princess theme, I asked many times and she still insist on it. Well, its her birthday, I just have to make it happen. I need to think pink, princess pink.

Food + Drinks
Goodie Bags (I only have 4 to make this year, what a relief, compared to last year's)
Birthday Cake
Her Dress

I will definitely post pictures on decor and stuff, do swing by later.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

I'm sick

After 6 weeks of hanging around Meya's germs, some of the them decided to migrate over to me. My throat hurts, my nose doesn't feel like they belong to me and I can barely eat anything. Its really depressing walking around in my pjs, sniffing like a dog. And worse of all, I have to stay away from Meya, I cant allow the vicious virus to get back to her. I'm taking a break this weekend, I cant manage the needle, my hands are trembling like crazy thanks to the asthmatic tablets.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Handmade Felt Dahlias Hair Band

Black Dahlia Hair Band (large) SGD22 - SOLD

Burgundy Red Dahlia Hair Band (large) SGD22 - SOLD

Cobalt Blue Dahlia Hairband (small) SGD16 - SOLD

Specially created for Meya

I found a very lovely tutorial some time back on dahlias, it looked really tedious, and I procrastinated some time to try making it. I finally did it today, the result turned out pretty satisfactory. Please note that the buttons are one of a kind, I will do my best to match the button to the felt :)

My photo of Meya is really horrible compared to the ones Laura took of the dahlia hairbands, well I know I suck at photography, I cant be good at everything right?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A little bit of lace

I bought a dress today in peach and teal, not my usual colours, and the dress has lace sleeves. Yap, lace! Extremely girly and sweet to my standards. I got inspired by my dress, so I dug out some inherited lace grandma gave me and I made my first lace hairband. Its a bit late to take a photo with no natural sunlight, plus my photography skills suck big time. I will try to take one in the next couple of days.

Light Grey Lace Hairband with rhinestones - sold

Dark Brown Lace Hairband with rhinestones - sold

Selling at SGD18.00 each. There is only 1 piece each colour, as this is made from a piece of vintage lace, I'm feeling the pinch when I cut up my grandma's lace, I had to waste a lot of lace to get to get a particular pattern.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Feeling like Wool

Bought some wool lately, the colours are so beautiful, really hard to resist. Now I'm just wondering what to do with them. Perhaps turned them into pom pom flowers :) I remembered making pom pom when I was 10 during art lessons, we made chicks or snowman, it was easy then cause we had those plastic circles and we just twined the wool around them. I dun have those plastic thingy anymore, got to improvise. Hopefully I can make something presentable.