Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A little bit of lace

I bought a dress today in peach and teal, not my usual colours, and the dress has lace sleeves. Yap, lace! Extremely girly and sweet to my standards. I got inspired by my dress, so I dug out some inherited lace grandma gave me and I made my first lace hairband. Its a bit late to take a photo with no natural sunlight, plus my photography skills suck big time. I will try to take one in the next couple of days.

Light Grey Lace Hairband with rhinestones - sold

Dark Brown Lace Hairband with rhinestones - sold

Selling at SGD18.00 each. There is only 1 piece each colour, as this is made from a piece of vintage lace, I'm feeling the pinch when I cut up my grandma's lace, I had to waste a lot of lace to get to get a particular pattern.

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