Sunday, July 11, 2010

Handmade Felt Dahlias Hair Band

Black Dahlia Hair Band (large) SGD22 - SOLD

Burgundy Red Dahlia Hair Band (large) SGD22 - SOLD

Cobalt Blue Dahlia Hairband (small) SGD16 - SOLD

Specially created for Meya

I found a very lovely tutorial some time back on dahlias, it looked really tedious, and I procrastinated some time to try making it. I finally did it today, the result turned out pretty satisfactory. Please note that the buttons are one of a kind, I will do my best to match the button to the felt :)

My photo of Meya is really horrible compared to the ones Laura took of the dahlia hairbands, well I know I suck at photography, I cant be good at everything right?

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