Sunday, October 23, 2011

Chesterfield Sofa

I thought I will be smarter when it comes to home decorating for the second home, but I was so WRONG!!!. I made so many boo boos and with limited funds, I could only grumbled at myself silently.

Of course, my darling HB knows about it eventually, I have somehow or other 'mentioned' that I want to sell our sofa. He dared me to sell our sofa and buy my dream chesterfield. I know no one will pay so much money to buy online, and I didnt really want to sell it at a big loss.

We went Courts to ju
st 'take a walk' this afternoon, and I saw it. Dark purple velvet with brown sexy legs, no ugly studs. Just simple and very comfortable. my dear Chesterfield, please wait for me, if money falls down from the sky, I will definitely come and get you :)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Show & Tell - Our New House

My coffee table finally arrived and we went down yesterday to collect from Egg3.My cream butterfly sideboard arrived in the same afternoon, I got happy busy arranging stuff around. Finally a cupboard to put all our slippers!!! You must be thinking why buy a cabinet to put only slippers, what about shoes?
Well, we do have a shoe cabinet but we built it into the storeroom, BIG MISTAKE!!! I didn't want to put the shoe cabinet in the hall, cause I wouldn't know how the shoe cabinet can sit with the rest of the house. So me being really dumb dumb told the contractor to built the shoe cabinet into the storeroom using up the precious storeroom space. I did not confess my mistake to my HB, but I pretty sure he knows it deep inside :(

Butterfly Book Boxes - Egg3
Apothecary Jar - Egg 3

Hydrangea Silk Flowers - King & King Wong
Blue Flowers Bowl - Lim's Arts

Living Room

Bird & Flower Paintings - King & King Wong
Couch - OM
Olive Green French Chair- Manhatten Living
French Brown Drawer (TV Console) - Ubi Warehouse
Coffee Table - Egg 3
Dining Chairs - King & King Wong


Table Lamp - Takashimaya

Sunday, October 2, 2011

What to do with old photo frames

I wanted to hang the ikea black frames on the wall opposite the gaming area, next to my oddjects clock. Unfortunately, they stick out like a sore thumb, dun noe whether its the frame design or the subjects in the frames (which is us!). Anyway, I decided the ikea frames are really crap, so I ordered a whole bunch of frames from etsy, see below. Nice right?

I decided not to throw away the ikea frames, and I spent an afternoon goggling for free prints. This is how it turn out. I put it on Eva's sideboard and the frame managed to cover the wire of the lamp, so pleased that it has a dual purpose. Good Night.