Monday, September 19, 2011

I want a vintage english bathroom

My original plan to have a vintage bathroom was obviously foiled by Mr X. He gave me a beveled mirror with only 2.5 cm at the sides!!! He didnt even tell me that, and never even refer from the photo reference I showed him 2 months ago. Plus, he doesnt even bother to clarify or asked questions, he just assumed he "knows' what I want. I told him it was wrong when they installed the mirror for the first time, the mirror came with beveled sides. I told him the mirror design is completely wrong, he has to follow my reference and obviously it went past his ears to twilight zone. Anyway, I'm totally upset with the mirror, I dont even want to take a photo of it.
Upset Factor: Infinity

This is the reference I printed out and given him, cant even follow, totally useless :(

I need some ideas as how to fix the bathroom, I know I need some accessories but I'm totally out of brain juice at the moment. I kept these images for a while, maybe posting them will inspire me more.

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