Tuesday, September 6, 2011

We have finally moved in!!!

Happy Birthday to me!!! This is a late entry, but I only have internet access only on last saturday, and I only just feel like doing something else besides cleaning and unpacking.

We moved in o
n 29th Aug and we discovered the house was only 70% done! Workers are in every corner of the house, sawing, fixing etc etc. And it doesnt help when Mr X was whining non-stop about needing more time, I obviously ignored him. I didnt even bother taking more photos, cause the progress is just too insignificant. Plus I only discovered the heater was not working in the middle of the night! @#%ing hell!

My walk-in wardrobe is finally ready! I just threw everything onto the shelves, will arrange it one fine day.

Mr X charged me $250 to do a crappy cloud ceiling. At first he got me a Chinese guy who says," xiao jie, wo jin liang mei you zhuo guo" (Miss, I try my best, I have never done it before). When I heard that, my eyeballs just traveled to New York visited Nat & Glenn and came back! I gave that guy a chance and guess what? He didnt even pencil the clouds before painting, he used a roller to shape the clouds!!!!!!!!!!!
At that point, I almost wanted to take the chair and hit Mr X, but that fella left after giving his instructions. Enough of bitching or else I will filled up one whole page just on the clouds ceiling.
Upset Factor : 10/10

I added butterflies, so proud of myself for being so clever. Pat Pat!

Meya's toy cabinet. I have 'glamourfied' Ikea cabinet with porcelain door knobs, and Laura Ashely wallpaper

My olive green arm chair just came out of its plastic this evening.
Will post more photos in the next few days. Good night.

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