Sunday, August 14, 2011

Week 5
Everything is moving in tortoise speed, our targeted move-on date is supposed to be on 29 Aug. According to our contractor (let's call him Mr X), he claims that he's moving at rapid speed - what utter rubbish! We found out that there are 2 days with no workers in our house, and those days are normal working days :(

I'm finally posting some pictures here because nothing exciting really happened for the past few weeks, except tons of disagreement, unhappiness etc etc. Finally, I saw something new today, they did the wall trimmings. Unfortunately, it was way too bulky, its too pop out, its supposed to have only a single layer, but I have 3 layers!!! it. I guess I had to compromise, since the stuff are up and they are from Malaysia and S'pore doe'snt have it blah blah blah blah blah. The lights are all set up, however , the black chandelier I bought for the foyer is too low for my HB. I will have to personally remove the crystals myself,after I shift in :(

The porcelain kitchen sink I insisted we have to changed it (So @#&%king glad I did it) or we will end up with a Barbie size sink

Floor tiles for the whole house (the only thing between us and Mr X that didnt go wrong)

The transparent chandelier in my bedroom

The toilet bowl with "drama stories" behind it

Black chandelier and wall trimmings at foyer

DIY Bird Cage Light for Meya's room

Space Ball light for Balcony (the windows still hasnt been installed for the LOOOONGEST time - this is one of our fav joke between me and HB)

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