Sunday, July 17, 2011

Renovation in progress

View from window with no grills, enjoy while we can

Week 1
ng is in a mess, and the flooring for the living got accidentally hacked off, the contractor wanted to lay the tiles over it, but the workers heard wrongly, and they took it all off! Its a good thing for us, cause I do prefer the old tiles to be off.


  1. Just chanced upon your blog and realised that we have some similarities when it comes to home decor. I am also in the midst of re-decorating my new place. I am also a crafter, rather trying to do more crafting with whatever time I have. Would love to see updates on your progress of decorating your new home and look forward to exchanging notes and comments on our blogs. Do drop by my blog @

  2. Hi Rachel

    It seems we have more than one similarity than being a crafter, we both have a 4 year old and happy with just one kid :)

    Nice pictures u have on ur blog :)