Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas - Love it & Hate it

, I love Christmas, I love the shop decor, the music, the food (especially the roast beef), the ornaments, the tree, and even the soapy Christmas movies. But I simply hate the hassle of wrapping the presents and stressing my brain cells for gift ideas. And I absolutely hate giving gifts whose fate would end up in some dusty storeroom or worse re-gifted!!! It feels so warm when my recipients used the gifts I gave them, its like receiving a pat on my pack.
Every year, I keep telling myself, its ok, just chill and relax. If the person doesn't like it, so be it, it's really not the end of the world, and seriously must I make so much effort even thinking of the gift wrapping too! I really must let go of the details. Will I succeed this year :(

Today I started sorting the gifts that I have been 'accumulating' for the past months, I cant remember which month I started my Xmas shopping but I'm not known for my super efficiency character for nothing. I decided not to do any theme wrapping this year, just used up the current wrappers and ribbons I had. Since I will be moving house in a few months time, I didn't want to have too many craft supplies lying around. Only managed to wrapped 5 presents in one morning, too lazy to continue.

I found a fabulous website for free Christmas tags download, the resolution
is good and the tags turned out great.

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