Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Kanzashi Flowers

We are having a movie theme night for the office year end party, and Nat wanted to be a geisha,
I was curious what sort of hair accessories they wear, so I did a bit of googling and I found Kanzashi Flowers. They are absolutely gorgeous and I cant wait to start making. I spent more than 5 hrs experimenting this afternoon and I'm not satisfied with my hair pin. Need to be more patient and meticulous like the Japanese in order to make the perfect Kanzashi flower, I failed miserably :(

My Tsumami Kanzashi Creation
I used pink floral fabric to create the flower petals and finished it with a pearl button. Instead of using the same fabric to create the 'flowy' petals, I used ivory organza and complete it with a dangling pearl. I wanted to do one more strand of petals, but the thought of cutting and folding 10 more petals, I decided to just leave it as it is.

More than 7 hrs on this, definitely
not something I want to sell.

I changed my mind after seeing my photos, added one more strand, makes a lot of difference. Slightly better :)

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