Wednesday, March 28, 2012

BFF Wedding Wrist Corsage

My BFF just got married last month and because the guys decided to have a last minute colour theme, she got us red wrist corsages to match them. I was in the middle of a huge campaign, I couldnt find anytime to help her out. And because it was decided only 3 days before the wedding. There is no way I can spin a miracle with my crazy work hours.

The wrist corsage she got from her florist is so bad that I was a little shocked when I saw it on actual day. Nevertheless, I still wore it for the day, its rude to make a fuss at people's wedding and I know my manners. The silk flower was badly sewn on, no attempt to cover the ugly stiches. The red chiffon ribbon is another real nightmare! There is no way I will sell stuff like this at floral recipes. 

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