Tuesday, March 27, 2012

In the mood for ... Purple

I got bitten by the purple bug when I was in Bangkok earlier this month, I started looking at purple shoes, clothes, accessories in fact as long as its purple I will stopped to take a look. I'm not interested in lilac or the lighter shades, what I fell in love was rich royal purple.

Then after I came back, I realised I had quite a fair bit of purple stuff in the house when I first started decorating. So maybe my purple craze started way before, but I only realised it now. I purchased more purple items recently, actually only last week.

Rug from Ikea

Silk Hydrangeas from King & King Wong

Storage box from Daiso

New slipper for office

New cushions from King & King Wong

New Curtains from Ikea

I saw purple storage boxes at Ikea and I wanted to get those for my wardrobe. But I held back on second thoughts, the ones I have are barely half a year old and still in fab condition. If I get those, I'm sure I will get a mouthful from the HB.

I'm now looking for a knee length pencil skirt hee hee... that he wont bother.

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