Thursday, March 15, 2012

French Manicure done at home

I'm been so busy with work that I have run out of my battery, need to recharge very badly so now, I'm taking a 2 months break WOO HOO!!!

I'm actually a hardcore beauty junkie, I loved to read beauty reviews on blogs, youtube and afterwhich you will see me running into shops looking for those recommended items. I should have started a beauty blog long ago, but then no one would be interested to read a beauty blog written by (ahem) a matured person. Anyway, I thought of doing this entry because doing french manicure is also considered crafty! Not everyone can draw with a steady hand. I've been attempting drawing a smooth line for my upper eye for years, it still look like crap to me.

I've been wanting to buy those french manicure pens for the looooongest time, but because I'm so lazy and rather give the money to the professionals, I never get round to it till yesterday. Armed with all the time in the world, I bought the
essence french manicure and pedicure pen. It only cost about $3.95 from Watsons, I also bought SilkGirl High Gloss Finish and Nail Filer from Forever 21. At first I was using the Sally Hansen Diamond Shine Base & Top Coat, I bought even before reading online reviews. Mostly, everyone says its crappy cause it causes bubbles and ruin the nail job. Well, it is TRUE!!! I even allow the top coat to dry before doing a second coat, after which my nail started bubbling, which is super annoying! So I went out again and bought the SilkGirl High Gloss Finish, much cheaper than the Sally Hansen, and it works for me.

Enough bitching, photos below

Less than $15



The essence pen is rather easy to use, and you always touch up till you are happy with it. However, if you are impatient and rushing for time, I would suggest you give this a miss. I spent a solid hour drawing and redrawing till I get the perfect curves. But it certainly saves money once you get the hang of it. Have fun :)

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  1. nice, your nails look shine

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