Sunday, May 27, 2012

Snoopy's Street Fair - Love it and Hate it

I found this game when I was down with chicken pox, it's free to download and I have been playing everyday since I downloaded it. I even introduced it to Ariel, Jo and Viv and now they are also addicted to it, thanks to ME!

The game is relatively simple, buy stalls to earn money and gain XP (experience) to move to next level. You will also be awarded Snoopy Dollars for every new level. I only discovered 3 weeks ago, that every 5 consective playing days, you will be given 5 Snoopy Dollars, but you must be logged on to Facebook or Games Centre. I lost out many Snoopy Dollars earlier because I find it too bothersome to sign up either account.

The character stalls are so darn hard to get, most of which require Snoopy Dollars, which is so bloody fustrating. But Beeline is so f@#king good in creating the graphics that I find it so hard to put my phone down. I charged my mobile several times a day, I spent so much time poking the phone, I end up like those crazy commuters on the mrt. I laughed at those people in the past, and now I morphed into one! The mini games within the game are rather challenging, one of my art director who attempted my game, couldnt even get the colour mix full points. Tsk Tsk

My addiction has gone beyond another level, I bought Snoopy Dollars with REAL MONEY today. Yap I spent US$4.99 this afternoon, after many days of comtemplating whether to spent the money, I finally caved it.

I LOVE the game to bits, the characters and stalls are so cute and I HATE u beeline for making us spent money on stuff that doesnt exist in RL. ARGH!!!!!

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