Sunday, May 20, 2012

Meya's creative trails of boredom

We bought clams and button mushrooms so I thought I can do some cooking yest (its been a long while). I made clams with white wine sauce (HB poured so much wine that it ended up bitter), thank god my button mushrooms turned out great, I din lose that touch after all. Anyway, this is not a cooking post.

While the 3 of us are busy whipping up a storm in the kitchen, Meya was outside entertaining herself. By the time we finished, I discovered she has made a very long trail of her stuff from our bedroom thru the gaming
area thru the living room and around the dining table. I asked her what she was doing, she replied me happily,"Mama, this is my trail". What can I say? After dinner, I had to asked her permission to pack up her trail. She reluctantly said yes, cause she really spent a lot of time and effort to built it. I had to take photos to remember this creative moment.

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