Saturday, August 11, 2012

Meya's Woodland Fairy Party - Work in progress

Less than one month to go, we actually talked about having a fairy party last year. Luckily, I still kept the woodland fairy's mood board, just need to go into action.

Last Saturday, I managed to get convince HB to drive us all the way to IM
M Daiso, and I found some stuff not found in other Daiso.

grass mats

wooden sticks (pack of 4)

After Daiso, I was still whining on and on that I can't find any mushrooms, HB suggested going to Far East, I was ecstatic so that afternoon, we made a trip to Far East Flora and Ji Mei and I finally found my mushrooms :)

Dried Flowers - $18 Far East Flora

Mushrooms - $7.90 Jimei

Twig Fence ( i dun noe what to call this) - $7 for 5 pcs !!!

Preserved Green Moss - $3 Jimei
Brown Straw - $1.40 Far East Flora (to make bird nest)

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