Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fairy Birthday Party - Inspiration Board

We wanted to celebrate Meya's birthday in HK Disneyland this year, I thought I could get away planning a party, unfortunately that there are too many plans this year and we concluded we wont be able to get away this year :(

So I asked Meya last night whether she wanted to have a circus theme, she doesnt think much about it and wanted a fairy party. I was thinking to myself "Huh, another one of those girly party AGAIN", must think of something different, thats not overly girly. Need to start planning, I really dont have much time, knowing I always like to change my mind along the way. This time, it wont be so easy, I still have to juggle the new house renovations and furniture shopping at the same time :(

I missed all my galvanised pails, bird nests, bird cages and green moss from Floral Recipes, if only I still have my props around, this party will be a piece of cake !

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