Saturday, June 26, 2010

Crafty Dots 1st Flea Market

Price card designed by Glenn

Brooch Display - eventually all sold

My little Crafty Dots corner

Hairbands display

All sold, Yay!!!

Today started with a greyish morning, nice and cooling, great day to begin our flea sale. Sold my first hair clip to my neighbour seller's daughter, and I bought a toy from their stall, end up almost like a barter trade. More people came at about mid day, sold more stuff. The hairbands are moving at a rapid speed, it seems to be the hottest item. Must make more in future, if i decide to do more flea markets :) I sold all the felt hairbands, felt brooches, bags and some hair clips.

The Thank you Speech
I must thank Glenn for creating the logo, masthead, stickers and price cards, without you I will be stuck with the awful masthead I created.

Thank you Laura for taking the photos at the flea, and making sure our logo appeared in almost every shot. Plus helping me to order the black hairbands.

Thank you Jo for selling my stuff and taking photos of my happy customers.

Thank you to all those who bought from me today, its really great knowing that there are people out there who appreciates handmade stuff.

A big thank you to all of you

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